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Interesting facts about water

As we know, water is an integral part of our life. Even without food a person is able to live for a lot longer than without water. This article will introduce you not only with interesting facts about this substance, but also tells about the benefits of water for our body.
1. water is the only substance on earth that can take three States: liquid, gaseous and solid.
2. The strongest solvents, it is, of course, water.
3. Scientists managed to prove that the first living organisms that have appeared on our planet originated in water.
4. Here is what is written on the water in one Soviet encyclopedia: water is a colorless liquid that has neither taste nor smell. This substance is one of the main components not only of all living organisms, but also is part of the hydrosphere. In an atmosphere of water exists in the form of steam. She not only is included in the composition of the soil, but also in the composition of various rocks and many minerals. Proceeding from this, we can conclude that water surrounds us everywhere.
Interesting facts about water1
5. Scientists have conducted some experiment: they separated the oil from the water. As it turned out, this oil does not burn.
6. For the rest of your life people, on average, 75 tons of water.
7. of all existing substances on the Earth‘s tallest water surface tension.
8. Scientists managed to prove that water has memory. At a time when water touches any substance, it appears all information about this stuff. These data are reflected on the surface of the water, but this does not affect its chemical composition. As you know, water molecules are composed of clusters. And here is each such cluster has 440 thousand “memory cells”.
9. According to who, every 8 seconds a child dies from contaminated water.
10. water is the first research groups are looking for on other planets.
How water affects human beings.

Interesting facts about water

Water quantity and quality, of course, affects only those on our mood, but also on our appearance. The same water is actively involved in all the processes occurring in the human body. What we will have if regularly consumed water quality?
Shiny and healthy hair.
Experts recommend after every bathing or shower rinse his head with cold water. The fact of the matter is that cold water presses to our hair horny scales. Thanks to this hair would glisten, and much easier to rasčesyvat′sâ.
A healthy body.
Scientists at the University of California, conducted an experiment in which it became clear that those people who use more than 5 glasses of water per day, 41% lower risk of heart attack. Just when this quantity of water reduces the risk of diseases of the bladder and the colon. This is because for many time contact bodies with carcinogens. Water plays an important role and in the process of digestion. Our well-being depends on the water: If you do not want to feel bad in any case avoid dehydration.
Healthy skin.
Our skin, or rather the pores, absorb 10% of moisture which we consume. Than higher quality product, the less our body will contain impurities. And depends on the State of our skin. There is a procedure that will help preserve the elasticity of your skin: soak a towel in hot water and apply to the face for one minute. Then wipe the face cleanser. Wash the tool only with cold water. Remember that water, which you umyvaetes′ must be filtered (to the skin do not hit a variety of harmful impurity).
Toned body.
At any time of the year to be in good shape, we have helped a variety of water sports and dousing, as well as hardening. Experts came to the conclusion that in order to do any action in the water, stands to make in 12 times more effort than no water. Want to have a well-developed and properly formed musclestudy. Don’t forget that water acts on a lot more efficient than massage.
Rapid weight reduction.
German scientists conducted a study whose objective was to figure out how to use the water you can get rid of excess weight. So: water can intensify the process to reduce the calories in our body. In the same way within 30 minutes after its ingestion of metabolism is accelerated by 2030%. Accordingly, experts recommend to always include a large amount of water in the diet of those people who are struggling with being overweight, since drunk a glass of water on an empty stomach, pacifies the feeling of hunger and moderates the appetite.



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