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Interesting Facts About the White House

All the Presidents of the United States under the rule of lived in the White House. The maximum duration of stay is eight years. The building has 6 floors, which contain in itself the 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 147 Windows, 412 doors, elevators and stairs 8 3.
Object, which the White House is permanent and unchangingbed of Abraham Lincoln. That’s because the irony: it has never been able to sleep in it.
Together with the title of President, gives access to three warehouses, which are in the White House. And stored in them expensive carpets, gold, Crystal, furniture collections, original priceless works of art and many other valuable things, which owned the presidential family. The newly elected United States President has every right to beat the White House to match your personal taste and discretion.
Interesting Facts About the White House2
Porcelain room is the memory of Lady Nancy Reagan. This site has found its place porcelain, which the first lady, the White House has acquired through taxes. Each item that is included in this set, has a cost of 952 dollars.
Is a Constant subject of desk is the President of the United States in the Oval Office. The tradition of a White Lady has to do just to this cabinet. The fact is that the new President changes Cabinet carpet to your liking. However, carpet, which shows an eagle in the Center, which keeps paws arrows and an olive branch, does not change. Such a figure is not just carpet: If there is no war in America, the bird‘s head is turned toward the olive branch. In wartime the head looks at arrows.
USA, Washington D.C, White House, garden and fountains in foreground
USA, Washington D.C, White House, garden and fountains in foreground
In 2008 the year for Christmas at the White House hosted a reception. The event was visited by 60000 people. The House was decorated with Christmas trees 33. Specially for the guests she has 100 cakes, 600 pounds of asparagus, 20 thousand pieces of biscuits, 1000 pounds 700 lbs of shrimp and crabs.



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