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Interesting facts about the eye

Eyes is one of the major human organs, 80% of all information that we receive from the outside world, goes through vision.
-1% of people inhabiting the Earth, has a different color of the IRIS on the left and right eyes.
Eye color may vary in daylight or when strong frost. This phenomenon is called Chameleon.
And do you know why while kissing people turn a blind eye? This is done in order not to fall into a swoon from the overload of the senses. When Kiss brain experiencing sensory overload and with closed eyes subconsciously decreases excessive passions.
It is believed that people who have dark eyes is a hardy and very resistant. But there are also very irritable in situations of crisis. People with brown eyes are very closed, and zelenoglazyecentered and stable. Owners of gray eyes-love strong, but blue-eyedHardy.
Interesting facts about the eye1
Specialists claim that the human eye is a measure of how we look at this world. Scientists say that this is one of the reasons that human eyesight deteriorates. It is possible that man in your life something internally fenced or, quite possibly, that he was uncomfortable with something in the world around him.
If you want to have a better chance of saving their sight, then discard the severely cramped and narrow garment. It’s very worsens blood flow, and as a consequence, affect the vision.
An interesting fact: it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
Among all living creatures on the planet only man has the whites of your eyes. Even such a close relative like a monkey, eyes completely black.
-Indian Yoga treat eyes using glance at the Sun. They are convinced that the Sun’s rays accelerate blood circulation, as well as neutralize various infections. However, such procedures should be carried out either at dawn or at dusk, but in no case in the afternoon sun. The morning sun look wide-eyed and your eyes should be relaxed. Watch should as much as possible, or until the eyes not prostupât tears.
Among scientists there is a fairly widespread belief that it is gold color could help restore vision.
You know how to distinguish predatory beast from herbivore? From predator eyes always appear so that you can see the victim, on the front of the muzzle. And the herbivore eyes are located on both sides of the head, so they can immediately see the enemy.



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