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Interesting facts about sea salt

Salt from seawater get for many hundreds of years. In ancient times, our ancestors used a very interesting way of extracting sea salt: they dug small reservoirs and filled them with water from the sea. When the water evaporates naturally, at the bottom of the pond remains such a valuable salt.
According to the law, salt composition Dietmar oceans is always the same, regardless of the level of water or any other reason affecting the water. The average level of salinity in the open ocean is always approximately 35%.
It is known that ordinary table salt consists of sodium chloride and sea contains more calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, bromine, manganese, zinc, selenium, copper, iodine and Silicon. Because of this her and find it extremely useful for human health. But shoplifting processed sea salt may include only one tenth of its original composition, but this is clearly not enough for man. Judge for yourself: in order that the body received from the sea salt as much iron as a grape, a person should eat up to 100 gr. salt. So iron and other minerals are easier to obtain other useful food.
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The color and taste of sea salt depend on places where it is mined. The most prized salt of gray, which arose due to the oceanic clay and algae with healing properties. In addition, sea salt is often used as an antiseptic, it interferes with the processes of decay. Thanks to this, wounds and blisters from a man often bather’s at sea, may not for a long time to heal, and even get inflamed, as salt kills any bacteria.
Dead sea salt composition is divergencies with trains other seas. Salt concentration it is 300%, also it has a lot of bromide and little sulphate. These qualities have allowed the dead sea to become medical natural resort, on which millions of people come from all over the world.
For one year, producing about 6 million tons of sea salt. However, she was as popular in antiquity. From chronicles it is known that in those vrmena with sea salt were preparing special salty cognac, it was called marine medicine. In order to prepare an ancient drink in a bottle of ordinary cognac, filled three quarters, put sea salt so that the liquid rises to the top. This medication taken to treat fractures, wounds, with headaches and spinal diseases.



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