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Interesting about tornado

The tornado also known as Smerch and is one of the most devastating and appalling phenomena of mother nature. And in truth, those who saw the tornado at least once in their life, will never forget this terrible sight and be able to speak at length about his strength, speed, destructiveness and their fear. You can get acquainted with the most interesting and amazing facts about smerčah.
Is the most common tornado lasts only a couple of minutes, but in the history of the mentioned cases in which a tornado raged for hours.
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Absolutely every tornado has its color, shape and sound. It is worth noting that his sound depends on the place in which he swooped, and what subjects could carry, and the color may vary depending on the type of soil.
The most terrible and destructive tornadoes recorded in North America. Nowhere else on Earth, tornadoes do not appear so often, namely more than 800 hurricanes per year.
The likelihood of the highest category tornado is only one-tenth of a percent, and it’s no so much.
Tornadoes happen at any time of day, but more often than not they can be observed with three hours until nine o’clock in the evening.
Most of the buildings in the so-called Tornado Alley well consolidated and have basements that serve as a refuge. In places of frequent occurrence of this natural calamity, residents are well aware that the tornado is able to expand the House to 180 degrees or even tear it from its foundation.
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Tornadoes have so much power that often after the hurricane, people find the surebets, stuck in a tree, or concrete walls, broken normal wood Board, well-publicized at breakneck speed.
In 1931 year tornado near Mississippi raised train weighing 83 tones into the air and walked away at 40 meters from the railway station.
— Every year, dozens of residents of America are dying from a tornado. However, there are people who were in the midst of a tornado and in doing so, were still alive.
A tornado is recognized as the fastest wind on the planet.



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