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Interesting about fire

1. Hot water puts out fire much faster than cold
As strange as it sounds, but this unusual phenomenon is easy to explain: in order to extinguish the fire, combustion should not receive oxygen. For this purpose, people use water. In fact the fire extinguishes no water, and steam. If you cool a burning object, then the particular importance of this would not have. It turns out that hot water it turns down the flame faster than cold. When extinguishing cold water droplets simply “pass through the fire. They give too little couple, because simply do not have time to heat up to boiling temperature. Naturally, not all water passes by. The quantity reaches the boiling point evaporates and gives a certain amount of steam. Hot water no need to heat up and steam respectively will be much more. This and promotes fast extinguishing fire.
Interesting about fire
2. The fire is the result of a chemical reaction
The flow of this reaction accompanied by not only heat, but the light. This chemical reaction can cause not one way. The fastest way is using the fuel. Combustion occurs when the fuel is mixed with oxygen. Naturally, nothing will come out if the fuel does not reach a certain temperature, and to achieve this goal, used warm. Do not forget that each fuel needs a specific temperature at which it can Kindle. Here’s an example: to burn the whole tree one match would be clearly inadequate, since oxygen is able to react with a small part of it.
3. In the candle flame are diamonds
For burning candles every second occurs approximately 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles. However, they instantly burn, turning not that other, as in carbon dioxide. One can only hope that in the future will develop a method of extracting diamonds from the candle flame. Modern technology is not yet capable of.



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