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Incredible about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola had many admirers, but not everyone knows the shocking truth about this drink. It is worth to understand the amazing properties of soda” and its effects on the body.
Shocking properties
In the United States some States patrol police car keeps bottles of Coca-Cola. Noted that the drink perfectly washes the blood off of asphalt after accidents.
If meat steak pour «Cola», two days later, it just will not.
Coca-Cola perfectly cleans the toilet.
Incredible about Coca-Cola1
Liquid successfully applied for removing rust. For example, if a rusty nail and it is impossible to pull, you can soak in Coca-Cola’s piece of fabric and wrap them with unnecessary detail. After some time, the rust will recluse himself.
Coca-Cola displays grease stains from the fabric, but in this case it is applied with a powder.
Tank wagons and trucks, which carry the drink should be protected pallets, which neutralize the caustic substance.
With a glass of drink people instantly gets a daily norm of sugar, namely 10 teaspoons. If Cole” was not a phosphate acid, the body would immediately reacted by vomiting. Through 20 minutes after drinking soda water in the blood glucose level increases dramatically, and the liver converts sugar into fat.
Incredible about Coca-Cola2
Through 40 minutes, people feel the rush of evocation, as his body completely absorb caffeine, which is part of the drink. After a few minutes starts the elaboration of the hormone dopamine pleasure.
Phosphoric acid metabolism quicker, leaving people rapidly loses calcium. However, this element displays a zinc and magnesium.
Through 1.5 hour person feels sharp decline forces, causing irritability, fatigue and drowsiness. Such “power swing harmful to the body, since they provoke unequal pressure and fluctuation of blood sugar.



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