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Ibiza: a paradise for clubbers

Ibiza is the world eternal youth, music and entertainment. This is a country of exquisite beaches, nightlife and the eternal holiday. In this article you will learn 7 very interesting facts about Ibiza.
Unusual name
You know why Ibiza“? Everything is simple-in honor of the God, whose revered here Ibosim and today. After all, he is the patron of the island, as well as a symbol of fun and carnal joys.
The last refuge of hippies
It is on the island of Ibiza is the highest village of San Carlos, which is the world’s last bastion of hippie. They believe that this is an ideal place of delights and peaceful coexistence.
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On average, over the year million tourists visited Ibiza from all corners of the planet, while the population of the island is only about 100 thousand.
Café del Mar
The most expensive coffee shop on the island and very famous throughout the world. And all because the facility is located on the Mediterranean coast it is in where is perfectly visible. Here write authentic music and evening DJ chooses the track under the weather and the mood of the sea. In cloudy weather sounds sad music with a touch of melancholy, as in the days of beautiful sunsets are very melodic and pleasant music. And those for whom prices at Cafe del Mar too kusačie“, are free to enjoy the beauty of the sunset under the exclusive music: beaches in Ibiza is prohibited to privatize, so anyone wishing to come to the beach, where there are cafes and absolutely without spending money get aesthetic pleasure.
Pachá and Space
This is the most expensive and the most popular clubs on the island not only entertainment, but also throughout the world. It is here that you can in one night live listen to Tiësto, David Guetta, DJ Pauly D and others. But it is very expensive, ranging from 100 euros, and still have FACE CONTROL. However, if we decide to go to Ibiza then visit here just need.
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Beach culture
On the beaches of Ibiza you’ll see a lot of girls sunbathing topless. It is not just the desire of the beautiful half of humanity Tan in intimate places. Here, as throughout Spain, nudism is considered normal and is not prohibited by law. There are also special beaches for naturists.
Green snakes on Ibiza is much cheaper than in Europe, and the food here more expensive alcohol. That is why only on the island of all the “try” andtry different drinks with degree, with almost no eating.



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