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How to protect yourself from the cold

Winter is synonymous with ice skating and skiing, fresh frosty air and happy new year. However, at this time of year many are faced with colds, which are associated with hypothermia by prolonged stay on the street. How to make winter gave only pleasant emotions?
How to protect yourself from the cold1
In frosty weather, many overlook the street closed nose and mouth with a scarf. This is a gross error, which can lead to infection, sore throats or bronchitis. The thing is that exhaled in woolen scarf air instantly turns into tiny pieces of ice that will chill the scarf oxygen. It and will inhale man, and this will lead to the emergence of colds.
If you cover your nose with a scarf, he ceases to breathe. In such a case, the icy air captured by the mouth. Not surprisingly, then quickly comes cold.
How to protect yourself from the cold2
In winter, many people suffer from nasal congestion, so actively apply nasal spray. Before going out in the frosty air is not allowed, because spray constricts the blood vessels of the nasopharynx.
After Frost they even more narrow, because of what the person is experiencing the Tickle in the throat. It also leads to disruption of the protective function of nasal mucosa that frequently leads to the emergence of SARS.
There is a perception that hot drinks perfectly protect the person from the cold. However, they are not worth a drink before going out. The thing is that if you use hot tea people dramatically expands receptacles.
How to protect yourself from the cold3
After Frost, they immediately constrict, and this leads to a rapid loss of body heat. The same effect occurs and after taking a hot bath or shower before taking a stroll on the frosty air.
How to protect yourself from the cold4
Each under force to protect yourself from freezing. During long walks, if possible, you need at least a couple of minutes to go in a warm room (shop, Bank, drugstore). This approach saves the body from rapid heat loss and reduce its protective forces that is relevant for the winter period.



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