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How to fight wrinkles

Women are well aware that, in order for the skin was supple, it needed collagen. But how could we not try, diligence process directly depends on genetics. It’s simple: If you want to know how you will look after about two dozen years, look at her mother. Usually, the first wrinkles start to appear after 25 years. It is worth noting that at the time when a person smiles, he sets in motion 17 muscles. When we or frown, we begin to work 43 muscle! If you count the wrinkles that appear after two thousand gloomy facial expressions.
Another wrinkle affects lifestyle, if you suffer from such harmful habit, like smoking, just get ready for what you have wrinkles will be 10 times more than non-smokers.
In order to flush toxins, which badly affect your skin, you must drink a lot of water.
If you do not want your skin rapidly aged and was covered with wrinkles early, stop tanning. Be aware that ultraviolet rays, it doesn’t matter, in the solarium or from direct sunlight, provoke early appearance of wrinkles.
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Facial wrinkles appear in this order: the forehead, the nose to the Chin, then the outer corners of the eyes. They then appear in the neck area and on the bridge of the nose. At least they can be found on the upper lip.
The lower jaw is directly connected with the appearance of a human face. Jaw length decreases with age, that leads to changes its angle. This is the reason why soft tissues begin to sag. The result is wrinkles.
People who have dry or combination skin, notice to myself wrinkle earlier than those who have oily skin.
Smiling people at much later acquire wrinkles than those who constantly wears on his “Dour mask.



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