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House of Dracula – Bran Castle

This wonderful and famous Castle is located in a very beautiful area, 30 km from Brasov. Residents of Brasov built his own money in 1382, and for this they were exempt from taxes the Treasury Romania for several hundred years.
Bran Castle is a museumFort, birthplace of the famous story about Count Draculavampire. Construction of two defensive towers finished in 16221625. The castle was erected on the top of the cliff. It has the shape of a trapezoid. Well as Bran Castle served as a glad strategic defense fortress, which has 4 levels. These levels were staircases. Inside the mysterious maze of intertwined corridors and halls. In the courtyard of the castle is a well, which cannot fail to attract attention. According to legend, well this leads into the dungeons.
House of Dracula - Bran Castle1
The owners of the Castle since the beginning of its existence were many. In the beginning he belonged to Mircea the old master, he then passed into the possession of the residents of Braşov. Among local residents, there are legends that say that it was the Bran Castle in the days of their campaigns spent the night Governor Vlad the ImpalerDracula. Deputy is surrounded by forest in which loved to hunt the Impaler. Another legend tells that Vlad Turkish enemies were tortured in the dungeons of the Castle.
From his father, Vlad got the name Drakul“, and since the end of the letter “awas added, then this person is known or Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. All what did this man is shrouded in mystery. It is not known when and even where Vlad was born. Known about him not so much, for example, that he was autocratic Prince of Wallachia. As it was found, in those days, Wallachia was not a calm place of medieval Europe. After he became ruler, first and foremost, he eliminated all the boyars who were not faithful to him. Executed Vlad infidels scary and brutallynasažival for the count. Such punishment ruler took over the Turks and became the first who applied it throughout Europe.
The residents presented the Castle as a gift to Queen Mary in December 1920 year, for what in 1918, she took part in the unification of the Romanian provinces. Next, Bran Castle is rebuilt under the watchful supervision of Karel Liman, Czech architect. The restructuring goes on for 7 years, from 1920 to 1927 year. After that the lock was not know which residence: beautiful from all sides surrounded by alleys, parks, terraces and wells.
House of Dracula - Bran Castle2
In the middle ages the castle was inhabited by Saxons. They were enemies Tepes who did not agree to obey trade orders throughout Wallachia. Chroniclers of the records we learned that Matei Corvin imprisoned Vlad Tepes Castle room, in which the prisoner has spent about two months. Vlad then moved to Višegrad.
The castle was called Castle Dracula about thirty years ago, when tourists from all over the world have come to the castle to find evidence of the existence of the vampire Count Dracula. And here’s the tourists was discovered an ancient castle, which is the gateway to Transylvania, at the top of the cliff. Bran Castle is very similar to the Castle, which in the novel Dracula Bram Stoker described.
Will not be superfluous to say that Castle carries many secret entrances and various underground labyrinths, which allow unnoticed Wade Castle, or unnoticed.
Nowadays, Bran Castle belong to the most valuable monuments of medieval art in Romania. At this point, it’s a museum that serves as proof of the historical and artistic past.



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