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Habits that are harmful to human intelligence

Some seemingly harmless habits can effect Act on the human brain. From any kind of action you want to opt out to stop the rapid decline in IQ?
Around since the thirties of the last century, human life has become noticeably simplified. But at the same time, conditions for existence became more qualitative and technological advances. In recent years scholars have noted that the collective intelligence became the regress is explanationthe fruits of science and technology make a man lazy and unmotivated.
Dangerous for brain food

Habits that are harmful to human intelligence1

Abuse of fatty foods leads to oslabevaniû mental abilities of people. The thing is that saturated fats, which are rich in unhealthy meals, inhibits the dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for motivation.
Scientific research carried out with animals proved that when excessive use of saturated fat raises more and more depressive state and reduced intelligence. At the same time taking root dependency on fatty foods, because of what people eat, gaining excess weight and … glupeet.
Multi-tasking is impossible
Habits that are harmful to human intelligence2
E. Miller, an expert from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, argues that the human brain is not able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. If a person tries to cope with multiple cases concurrently, his brain is running unproductively and quickly tired of.
Attempts to solve several tasks simultaneously inhibit creativity and interfere with quality work. Besides multitasking leads to intense elaboration of the stress hormone (cortisol), which reduces mental capacity but increases anxiety.
Habits that are harmful to human intelligence3
There is a stereotype according to which sweets perfectly stimulates the brain. Is actually a simple sugar, which is rich in honey, fruits and sweets, inhibits the ability of insulin to transform the glucose into energy. Excess simple sugars causes an abrupt rise in blood glucose levels, which a person feels a surge of strength.
However, for the next hour vivacity is replaced by a weak and ugnetënnost′û. This condition certainly does not inspire the person on active!
Malicious reality show
Austrian psychologist m. Appel spent study: a group of people suggested to familiarize themselves with the reality show, dedicated to the day of the football hooligan. After seeing the Group was offered a test on the possession of General knowledge.
It was found that people who went to the scenario worse coped with test jobs than those who do not read on the bottom of a football hooligan.
A negative aspect of long-haul travel

Habits that are harmful to human intelligence4

People who have to cross time zones, literally “out of life” after flights days or even weeks.
Scientists have proven that frequent transcontinental travel had a negative effect on brain work. This is evident in the lack of formation of new neurons that are responsible for memory and learning function.
Gum shortens memory
Habits that are harmful to human intelligence5
Not long ago, scientists concluded that the benefits of chewing gum. According to earlier research conducted a few minutes chewing improved blood circulation in the brain, that positively affects intelligence.
But recently, scientists had doubts about the earlier findings. Recent studies have proven that chewing bad influence on human short term memory.



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