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Great snow leopard

Snow Leopard belongs to the subfamily of the big cats. The animal is often confused with Leopard and it is not surprisingcoat colour and dimensions are practically identical. But the similarities end there.
Where they live?
Snow leopards live in harsh climates with cold. These extraordinarily beautiful cats inhabit Tibet, Himalayas, Altai and Tien Shan. Animals prefer the Highlands with ogolënnymi rocks, but in winter the snow leopards down to dense forests.
These silvery-grey spotted cats prefer solitude. Animals lead mostly sedentary. Snow leopards live in caves or burelomah.
Great snow leopard1
Despite his harsh and proud appearance, these mysterious creatures rarely show aggression towards their brethren. Each massive territory, Barca have a problem its Division therefore does not arise.
This cat is a great Hunter. Snow leopards are closely tracked mountain goats and sheep. But if the sight of an animal or a bird hit small rodents, it does not refuse from such production. Color fur allows Badger blacked out and suddenly attack the victim.
Cat living in Tibet and the Himalayas, mate all year round. Their Pamir and Altaic relatives only in February. In the mating season, males produce authoritative, but at the same time gentle meowing.
Females bear cubs for 3 months. The average litter is 4 kitten. Mother rears Cubs under one yearart trains them hunting and survival.
The main enemy of the Snow Leopard is the man. The population of animals has been declining relentlessly due to the fact that people often hunt them with a view to extracting the magnificent furs. Snow leopards hunt officially banned, but that doesn’t stop poachers.



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