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Fun sea creature-Octopus Grimpoteuthis

Fun sea creature-Octopus Grimpoteuthis

This tiny Octopus called Dumbo, the elephant cartoon as Walt Disney. And all because he really looks like a cute baby elephant for their fins.


Inhabits an unusual animal in all the oceans of the planet to a depth of 4 from 1 up to 3-4 km and belongs to the genus Grimpoteuthis. This tiny Octopus reaches around 20 cm in length, but the largest representative nature was as much as 1.8 m long and weighed approximately 6 kg.
In addition to size, Grimpo are different from their larger relatives such features:
This sort of cephalopod ink bag is completely absent;
Dumbo octopuses have not developed the ability to change its color;
due to the nature of the structure of the body (the umbrella) mini-octopuses move just as Medusa-by pushing water out from under the umbrella;
Yet these animals can swim with fins (“ears”);


Fun sea creature-Octopus Grimpoteuthis1
They even eat in a special way: absorb his victims whole

(other types of Octopus first tear production);
the mini Octopus has a mustache;
Dumbo may, if necessary, reset the upper transparent layer of the skin.
Animal feed on crustaceans and other small creatures of the depths, which can gulp down the whole thing.

Interesting is the difference between males and females: they have different patterns on the suckers and tentacles in various sizes.



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