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Friendship Rules

A person cannot live a normal life, if he is not a close friend. All of us need the man to whom we can trust and share their problems and joys of life. But few people think about the principles of friendship. Nobody notices that in order to be a good friend, you need to become a good friend. This article will acquaint you with the General rules of friendship.

friendship Rules

Friends may not be much. The maximum is five people. All the rest are divided into mates, buddies, friends of childhood. These are people who, for one reason or another, appear at some stage of your life.
There are people who simply do not have the best of friends. If you belong to such, this does not mean that with you that something is wrong. Most likely, you just to much more comfortable one.
If friends go out of your life, do not hold anyone. Not worth it to consider them traitors or hypocrites. Learn to respect their choice.
friendship Rules2
It is important to know that friends-this can be utterly not those people you see every day. Your meetings can take place once a month or once a year. The most important thing is that such meetings mean to you. They may be much more important and deeper than daily pastime with those who simply stayed close.
Say that a friend in need is a friend. This is the case. But much more important that friends don’t disappear when you truly happy. In trouble can hold a lot of people, but happy for you in moments of happiness, survive him, along with you, can only one.
Never forget friends, if you are interested in another company or another life. Always take the time to call. It may be that a friend now reside with the shaky situation and problems, but to you not only because it believes that you are at the moment not quite up to it.
friendship Rules1
Remember that the most serious test of friendship is money. If you smiled and you have achieved great success, when it got considerable money, whoever this will quite happily, has deserved the right to be called another. Don’t forget that this same rule apply to you.
New friends can not be. Friendship, as it is known, is checked for years.
Friends guys and girls, husband and wife depart from you, without a doubt, in the case of a break in relations. Not worth the build no illusions on this score. And it doesn’t matter how good you were talking, being together.
True friendship knows no pride. If the person you thought for a long time friend, did what for you is simply unacceptable, or simply gone, do not make hasty conclusions. Swing offense and pride aside, call to talk and try to find out the reasons for his act.
friendship Rules4
A true friend will not leave you in the lurch, it unequivocally. In the same way it will be around when you’re letting snot and gradually become in the vegetable. But it is not obliged to wipe off drool. There are situations in which maltreatment is much more efficient template phrases like “all is well“,of course, you are right, and the abuser is not” and so on. If a real friend, be prepared to hear not only the truth, but also criticism. Believe me, after the black band will you appreciate this attitude.
Always treat yourself with more rigor than to his friends. Friend did not leave his woman in a time when you wanted it? Ask yourself: do you often themselves so did?
Be able to forgive. All people make mistakes.
And finally: with age, number of friends is getting smaller. Friendship arises even younger. Then the first place always become family. Keep and protect those people who are close to childhood.



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