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Ferrari World – the kingdom of speed and car

Ferrari is a very decent transportation, cost of any car of this brand in the confirmation. It is not surprising that the largest percentage of acquisition of such sports “horses” per capita in the United Arab Emirates. That is why there is a whole world of Ferrari-Ferrari World. And it’s not just the showroom or shopping center with showroom, is a real Kingdom of sports cars and speed.

The world’s largest indoor amusement park opens its doors in front of you. Its total area is about 86 thousand square meters (that’s roughly 7 soccer fields with bleachers with a capacity of approximately 55-60 thousand people) and roof area-200 thousand square meters. And horse Ferrari logo on the roof of the amusement park about 66 meters. In addition, the entertainment giant is 1200 different restaurants and cafés. And it’s not the most interesting thing here.

Ferrari World - the kingdom of speed and car3

Ferrari World is waiting for you more than 20 various expressways and automotive entertainment. The most popular among tourists is Formula Rossa. It’s a roller coaster, which emulate the feeling you would have experienced in formula 1. Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster on the planet, because their speed is 240 km/h. Here you’ll experience the mad adrenaline rush similar to that experienced by pilots at racetracks. For security you will wear special glasses, the same as the riders. Needless to say, this is where dreams come true for all fans of speed.

Ferrari World - the kingdom of speed and car4

For fans of video games there are a complex — Speed of Magic. This fantastic world in 4-D format. you develop in curious guy and will travel there, where no human foot. In one of the most sophisticated simulators in the world, you’ll fly on rušaŝimsâ rocks, get to the heart of the jungle, you’ll glide through the ice caves and get to the bottom of the ocean, you will wait for journey to the center of the Earth, many volcanoes and lava thresholds. And all this is due to “” — the driver’s mischievous Nello from another world. The realism of this adventure racing: all temperature extremes, humidity drops and the light lit crazy feelings and bring a feeling of real adventure. Using a small Ferrari-magic your imagination will take you back to the bright world of speed and childhood.
Made in Maranello-another amazing Ferrari world. You can see all the steps of creating a sports cars with your own eyes: there is a mini factory producing these Ferrari.

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Galleria Ferrari is a world dedicated to the Ferrari cars. It is in this section you can discover the art of Ferrari. See reincarnation forms from 1947 until the present and enjoy the passion of speed. Here you can see the dreamers, racers, engineers and fans who will tell you about their view about the history of Ferrari. This is an audio-visual dialogue between modern design, interactive technology and history. Only here you can find out all the secrets of love stories, which began with the Enzo Ferrari and last today.

Always dreamed of a ride with the champion? Then Driving with the Champion is created for you. It is a complex cinematic motion simulators that will create you a complete sense of presence. It’s a step up from GT in F1 ™ racing on the highway and streets around the Fiorano Maranello with the most famous pilots. It’s not every day you ride with the racing legend?

Ferrari World - the kingdom of speed and car7

Fast Lane. How well do you know Ferrari? Special Ferrari World will provide you with the opportunity to test your knowledge in the online game where you can win and take home prizes! And if you really know Ferrari, you might even name a champion Fast Lane.

Tired Twist is one of the most fun in the world of entertainment and auto speed. Here you can have fun with the whole family on a very unusual ride-on tire from auto racing. Sit in one of the tires from the F1 ™ and hold on tight! Smiles and joy you provided.
Viaggio in Italia-opportunity practically soar over the heart of the motherland Ferrari! Your seat into a giant projection dome rises and flies high above the Italian mountains and villages over the cities, forests and vineyards. For completeness of all sensations here exactly reproduced the sounds and flavors of Italy.

Ferrari World - the kingdom of speed and car8

Bell’Italia restaurant is a romantic trip to Italy with a Ferrari. Italy, of course, is not so much like a real, but still feel the beauty of the Italian countryside, flavors of the Alps and sweep across Italy here. Ferrari 250 California small you can visit the picturesque Portofino and the Amalfi coast, Monza Racetrack, the Colosseum, Venice and, of course, Maranello.
Driving Experience. Surcharge in Ferrari World will realize your most secret dream is to ride on a real Ferrari. To do this you will have to shell out a pretty penny (650-700 dollars) and register in advance.
Also in the Ferrari World there are 7 special sections for young drivers. It is here that the little car lovers can ride on Ferrari, participate in races or just learn how to drive a car.

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For thrill at Ferrari World has not only the Formula Rossa, but Scuderia Challenge. So you never chased! Here you have the possibility to challenge the best racers in the world and show what you are made of. The race will take place on the virtual circuit Yas Marina Circuit on various models of Ferrari. You can go solo or compete with the champions. These trainers use when training these racers. And sensations that you experience, does not equate with anything.

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Fiorano GT Challenge-a challenge for roller coaster enthusiasts. Everything is in your hands. Imagine, as you take your friends share on 2 teams and jump into the Ferrari F430 Spider: Yes the best win. Two competing Ferrari-trains from the starting line at the skručivaûŝihsâ parallel tracks develop speeds of up to 95 km/h. It all depends on your skill and passion: at the finish line to win only one.
Karting Academy-a meeting place for all lovers of kart racing. All great racers started with go-karts. Try your hand at highway 290 metres long.

Ticket in this amazing world worth 70 dollars for 92 dollars you get a golden ticket, having which you’ll enter all rides without waiting in line.



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