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Fence aquarium in Turkey

One Turkish businessman named Mehmet Ali Gûkseoglu, a resident of Cesme, Izmir resort embodies a dream protect your villa is very unusual fence. This amazing fence represents a huge aquarium inhabitants are fish and different sea inhabitants. Daily around the unusual home meets approximately one thousand curious people to see the fenceAquarium, 50 meters long surrounding the Manor.
Fence aquarium in Turkey2
The idea of an unusual fence came to man a couple of years ago. In the same way it was decided to build not only a piece of the sea, but also have a residents of the Aegean Sea. Very simple turned out to be a marvelous construction of the fence and, surprisingly, it didn’t take a lot of time. But the hardest part was to come. The fact of the matter is that for the planned required lay the pipe to the sea to the aquarium all the time was filled with marine water. Here is how the times, and was the most difficult part.
Fence aquarium in Turkey1
It is clear that he is not engaged. Businessman Bala hired a special team of divers, to lay on a very small depth of the Aegean Sea. For hard work and a very decent pay. Cost is very cheap: $ 21000. But, as stated by the owner of miracle-fence money played no role. At this point in the Aquarium there are about 1000 of the most different sea inhabitants. The only thing that’s very upsetting to the owner of a huge aquarium is the Vandals. To secure its like that embodied the dream, was acquired and installed the whole tracking system, which is under constant observation. The system works as follows: if very close to the tank, then beeps, who warns. However, anybody can anything without fear of looking at a small piece of the sea and to be photographed beside the main thing is not to cross a permissible boundary.



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