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Darlingtonia- cobra lily from California

Darlingtonia a very unusual carnivorous plant. Belongs to the family sarracenievye. LilyCobra is very common in swamps in the mountainous areas of Southern Oregon and Northern California. And it is not only very unusual outwardly plant with the interesting name, it is also a predator.
The plant loves humidity and coolness, so ideal conditions for existence are mountain areas: elevation of about 2000 meters above sea level, and the average annual temperature is not more than + 18° c.
Darlingtonia cobra lily from California
The name of the representative of the flora is obliged to its appearance: its leaves have the hood than very similar to COBRA. These leaves have a “mouth” with fangs and even “language”. In the wild lily-Cobra can reach considerable size-40-45 cm. Insects and other small animals come in tubes of leaves in search of nectar. Darlingtoniâ-an insidious plant. The inner walls of the leaves is very slippery, and sacrifice of the confusing multiple maskirovok. Firstly, once the victim has entered a vegetative Cobras, this exit is immediately “hides”. Secondly, there are several traps walls transparent areas that the victim perceives as output. But getting out of the mouth of darlingtonii still no. Besides, there is one feature of this plant, that distinguishes it from all other plant predators. It is that darlingtoniâ has no poison or other enzymes that can be used for neutralization of the victim. Cobra Lily-simply “waiting”: victim dies a slow death, degrades due to bacteria. And only then plant “eats”.
Darlingtonia cobra lily from California2
The flowers have a very Darlingtonia modified. Scientists assume that this is the result of evolution in order to attract the greatest number of pollinators, but the true reasons for such changes is not known.



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