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Coral Castle – the mystery of Edward Leedskalnin

Between Miami and Florida there are crossroads with the pointer Coral Castle, 3 miles, which is not similar to other human creations. It holds a lot of secrets and is attracting a bunch of tourists and people wanting to unravel the mystery of the construction of the Castle. It consists of a set of blocks, statues weighing a little more than 1100 tonnes. Coral complex is of a square Tower, table (carved in the shape of a heart), armchairs, different walls, underground pool and other buildings.
And all would be nothing, but built this miracle is small and weak man with the growth of 152 cm and a weight of 45 kg. Edward Lidskalnin′šMason, born 12 January 1887 year in present-day Latvia. Not much is known from childhood: he lived in a poor family, he graduated from grade 4 only and 26 years became engaged to a girl named Agnes Skaffs. She was 10 years younger and threw the night before the wedding of Edward. After a couple of years immigrirovav in America, author of the Coral Castle finds work in the timber camps.
Coral Castle - the mystery of Edward Leedskalnin1
To build his dream lasted 20 years and truly known, instead of tools he used leftovers from cars, with the help of which vytesyval from coral limestone blocks. But he managed to carry it all myself and erect a huge part of the castle in the right places?! According to legend, he had an arrangement with a friend, the owner of a tractor with a trailer. Neighbors had seen the road carrying blocks, but they are all in one voice claimed that ED had no tractors, no lift for loading and unloading material. Almost all the work he has done at night under the lights and the Moonlight, and the questions of “How are you all doing this,” he proudly answered-“I discovered the secret construction of the Egyptian pyramids.
The castle is accessed via a huge door form boulders weighing 9 tons. It is one prong and rotates around its axis. Even a small child can open it, so easy it is rotated.
After the death in 1952 due to stomach cancer in the Tower found passages about the magnetism of the Earth and cosmic energy management. But the explanation was not … Eyewitnesses claim, stones nearly flew through the air, and one old lady said that Ed without problem took any block in hand and issued specific sounds. But what is there to write when you can see it. Below is a videoa pleasant view)



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