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“Closed City” Mary King – a terrible secret Edinburgh

In each country, and even in every city there are shrouded in mystery. And Edinburgh is no exception.
In the past, it is an ordinary town in Scotland. But time inevitably comes, and all around is changing.
Already in the beginning of the 17th century Edinburgh became quite large prosperous town. And in it there lived a King Alexander is a very famous and very rich lawyer in those days. His condition was so great that he was able to purchase a small area of the city into a private estate. The property management department that, at that time unusual property dealt with Alexander‘s daughter-Maria King.
And at the same time, in Europe it’s terrible grief-the epidemic of plague. Even in spite of the fact that Britain is an island nation, the disease hit and here.
Mary King - a terrible secret Edinburgh1
Every day across the country died hundreds and thousands of elderly, adults and even children. Doctors could not cope with the disease and is increasingly offered to simply send people to so-called “isolated“.
In Edinburgh, the authorities decided to hold such a zone in the territory of that local called “city of Mary King’s close“. And nothing surprising in this title was not. Because Mary has proven itself as a very good organizer and administrator. On the entrusted her territory lived though poor people, but the streets are always clean, there was almost no crime.
The decision to make a kind of infirmary that possessions the family car parks due to several reasons: the territory is below the rest of the city, and the narrow streets and virtually closed space will perform quarantine feature.
Mary King City residents authorities forcibly 140,000, and their homes were brought in all the patients.
Days and weeks went by, and became more and more infected. Doctors who came here every day, understood that to cure these patients they can’t: they are all doomed to death.
Then one day my parents took in that terrible place their daughter and left her there. The girl‘s name was Anne. According to legend, the parents left the child in a separate room and left. The cause of this disease became Ann-doctor stated she had the plague.
Mary King - a terrible secret Edinburgh2
The girl died, like thousands of other residents of the closed city of Mary King’s close “.
Already a century later after a terrible epidemic, a new generation of city dwellers took what was left of the “closed city”, and on this site began to grow a whole new area of Edinburgh.
In those catacombs that were left from the “city of Mary King, who rarely got. But those who have been told that there are groans and some even grabbed Ann’s feet.
These mystical history interested in press: in the newspapers began to print articles and entire investigation associated with the remnants of closed cities and little Anne.
In 2003 year ended reconstruction work on the part of the impasse, which has been preserved. In the same year, Mary King’s close was officially opened to tourists.
Mary King - a terrible secret Edinburgh3
After hours a closed town” everyone has his own impressions: some say that there are no ghosts, others that Anne took by the hand, and someone she has embraced by the legs.
Those who believe that the spirit of little Ann still lives at a standstill, bring her dolls. Guides Deadlock felt that Ann just like to look at the donated toys, but it somehow does not attack.



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