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“City of the Sun” in Latvia

Even the most incredible ideas can be transformed into beautiful projects. Millionaire life is the fulfillment of his dream of building ecological city, dominated by a kind of order and unique lifestyle.
Aivars Zvirbulis, millionaire from Latvia, near Cēsis bought 30000 hectares of land. In this hilly area and built Amatciemse“Sun City.
Millionaire himself said that to create such a project it has pushed the desire to live in a picturesque location, prestige House, located on the Bank of the river. At the moment, Aivars and his entire family lives in a place like this. In addition to numerous members of his family, city of the Sun is populated by people with similar desires, with the same Outlook on life. Even the “father” of the project, it is recognized that the first Amatciemse thought for yourself, so to speak, from selfish motives.
City of the Sun in Latvia1
The beauty of this place is not to describe in words. On the territory of the City of the Sun” built just 300 houses. They are all made from environmentally friendly materials. For each House pinned plot from 0.4 to 1.3 hectares. Each such individual yard” is growing a small forest and a lake. While in the city, you can easily imagine yourself the hero beloved from childhood fairy tales. Each House is equipped with all necessary for comfortable existence: sewerage, electricity and Internet access.
Most surprising, that the premises are heated from the ground. Each House is equipped with a geothermal heat pump from the well 90100 meters. This device transforms the energy of the Earth in heat. Received energy heated House to and heated water throughout the year. In addition, each House has a fireplace that will give warmth during cold winter evenings. And here is the drain under the most tree roots, in order not to harm the clean pine forest and pine.
City of the Sun in Latvia2
The great advantage of this place is that every resident is in relative solitude: from the Windows are not visible to other houses (except for some exceptions). This effect made architects and builders through special planning of buildings and hilly terrain.
Another remarkable feature: the city of the Sun” banned fences. Throughout the territory, including private, walk the wild animals, and no obstacles must not impede their movement.



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