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Cemetery Topiary in Ecuador

In the North of Ecuador, in the town of Tul′kan is a favorite place of tourists. It is worth noting that this is the main attraction, luxury and original. Essentially this cemetery, but not that to which we are accustomed. It is more reminiscent of some topiarij.
This cemetery cannot boast known graves. But all space is filled with cypress trees, Topiary in the form of artful sculptures. The burial place of Tul′kana began its existence in the year 1932. In fact, the old cemetery, which was located on Mount Santiago, completely destroyed by an earthquake in the year 1923. New cemetery, according to tradition, opened outside the city.
Cemetery Topiary in Ecuador1
José María Franco Guerrero-head of the landscape of the municipality. It became the ancestor of the original design. The soil for the growth of Cypress favorable, so it took more than half the territory of the cemetery. Some time later, José became attached to bushes on different forms. His favorite topic is Arab, and collections of pre-Columbian totems. Typically, local politician attached to form kiparisam of animals, both existing and mythical. But there are also common geometric shapes. At the moment the unusual graveyard is present about 300 variants of unusual design.
Cemetery Topiary in Ecuador2
Institute of cultural heritage of the country in 1984 year insisted that topiarij was listed as a cultural heritage of Ecuador. Then the Ministry of tourism has awarded him the title of national attractions. After the death of José Guerrero was buried in the cemeterytopiarie. On his tombstone is the inscription, which reads: “graveyard of Tul′kana was so beautiful, that invites you to die!”. After the death of the founder of design, case continued his five sons, so new sculptures continue to emerge so far. By the way, in 2005 year cemeterytopiariû was named after its founder.



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