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Electric Fly Swatter + Coke can = Franklin’s bell


This experiment invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century during his experimentation with electricity. The hanging Aluminum ball will be attracted to one coke can, will touch it, pick up its charge, and be repelled; then Aluminum ball will swing across to the other coke can, and do the ...

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10 Things You’ve been Doing Wrong Everyday


There are things which you’re doing every day and you’ve already made those as habits that they seem totally normal the way you’re doing them. But no, if you know how to do stuff the right way instead of your habitual way, your life will change!  

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Still drinking coca cola? Watch this!


Drinking coca cola will destroy your teeth and bones, and make you extremely fat and unhealthy. Do not drink cola. Do not drink any type of soda drinks. Diet cola is much worse. Never give any cola or other soda drinks to children. Drink water. Get your children used to ...

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What Happens If You Microwave Dry Ice?


  Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you microwaved dry ice? Here’s your chance to find out, without risking your microwave! First I’ve compared dry ice in water, in the microwave compared with left out on the countertop. The microwaved dry ice ...

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Polar Bears Attack Woman at Zoo


This is the terrifying moment a woman was attacked by a polar bear after jumping into its zoo enclosure. The 32-year-old leapt over bars at Berlin Zoo during the bears’ feeding time yesterday. Despite six zookeepers’ efforts to distract the four predators kept in the enclosure, the woman was bitten ...

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Belfast Ireland UFO 23 May 2015


The object was spotted on Thursday, 23rd May, between 9 and 10pm, and puzzled the Ralston family so much that they filmed the activity from their Holywood home. The light is seen moving erratically during dusk and as the sun goes down, the object becomes more obvious against the dark ...

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Mutant Pig Monkey


    In Southwest China, a weird hybrid breed was born when a horny monkey entered a pig farm and had his way with one of the female pigs. The strange monkey was never seen again. Months later, the bastard son of the disturbing monkey was born. A new species ...

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This incredible video shows the creepy moment Slenderman scales a high-rise building. The eerie two-minute, 15 second clip, uploaded to YouTube, shows a dark figure with unnaturally long arms and legs climbing spider-like on the structure in Moscow, Russia. The footage, posted online by a user known as The Eye ...

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