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16 Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit


These 16 places are highly guarded and mysterious places are not easy to get to and visit like the dangerous radioactive Chernobyl. 7. The Colonel’s LIttle Secret Similar to the Coca Cola vault, Colonel Sanders really doesn’t want anyone else replicating his mighty fine, fingerlicking good recipe. He has a ...

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25 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape


Here is footage of 10 people with alleged real life superpowers, caught on tape. From people using mind powers to move objects, a man that walks through walls. to people that seem to be real life superman that was caught on camera teleportation, flying and using telekinesis. Let us know ...

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Fastest Animals In The World


Fastest Animals In The World is the content of this video. What is the fastest animal on Earth? Did you say a cheetah? You’re wrong. For some reason, the idea that the cheetah is the planet’s fastest creature has hardened into fact through years of childhood repetition. How fast can ...

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Wild baby rabbits in my yard


Here’s an update on some cute little baby rabbits I found in my garden! The 4 day old rabbits are doing well in my garden. I checked on them just to make sure they are being fed and still alive, especially after the huge storm we has yesterday. I was ...

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Amazing Octopus – Most Intelligent Animal on Earth?


How has the octopus become so intelligent and capable of thinking in the abstract? Watch fascinating and often hilarious experiments to see just how smart they are. After this video, you’ll never think about the octopus the same. In this fascinating documentary we get to see how octopuses behave in ...

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UFO Fleet hovering over Canada !!! April 2017


Canadians saw a lot of freaky stuff happen in the sky last year. The 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, produced by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, says Canadians reported a total of 1,131 sightings of unidentified flying objects in 2016. In the end, however, only four per cent of those sightings went unexplained. ...

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World’s Longest Snakes!


World’s Longest Snake! EP. 424 SnakeBytesTV : AnimalBytesTV Travel to El Segundo Pythons in Los Angeles, California with Brian Barczyk, your host of SnakeBytesTV, to meet the longest snake in the world – the Reticulated Python. Meet Jeff Kelley as explains his love of the world’s longest snake and reticulated ...

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