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Mysterious Encounters: CALIFORNIA CREEK DEVIL (REAL BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY) In Mysterious Encounters, cryptozoologist Autumn Williams and her team of researchers investigate reported sightings of strange creatures somewhere in North America. They mount expeditions, interview witnesses, gather physical evidence and attempt re-enactments. They also perform high-tech surveillance using thermal and infrared cameras, ...

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8 BIGGEST Mysteries of the Pyramids You’ve Never Heard Of


8 BIGGEST Little-Known Unsolved Mysteries of the Pyramids…you’ll be quite surprised at what you find. Number One Eight Sided Pyramid Insanity..This is one of those facts that when stated will cause people to hate on you and attempt to pompously correct you on, but is genuinely true…like tomatoes being a ...

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The Haunting Tape 8 (ghost caught on video)


The paranormal activity had slowed down a little until I tried auto writing with the ghost of the little girl. The ghost girl opened the cabinets and i did not see her except in the view finder of the camera. I believe the ghost is wanting me to leave my ...

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Scariest Bridges in the World


from the Vine Bridges of Iya Valley to the Eshima Ohashi Bridge, here are the Scariest Bridges in the World. # 8 Vine Bridges of Iya Valley Japan isn’t just home to big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto; it is also home to mysterious and strange places. One example is ...

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How To Carve A Watermelon Baby Carriage


We have reviewed the original video footage to see how long this took to do: nothing was prepped in advance for this video, and the entire carving from beginning to end took 48 minutes, not including time to prepare the fruit salad. The entire process including cutting up the fruit ...

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Super Mario World (In 81,032 Dominoes!)


After a month of work I present to you Super Mario World In Dominoes! Super Mario World is my personal favorite Mario game of all time, and decided to recreate the game in dominoes. My original plan was to make a Mario Themed video with higher resolution pictures, but I ...

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