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Nazca Desert

nazca desert1

In ancient times, in the desert of Nazca in Peru, were mysteriously dug huge furrow, with some reaching hundreds of metres long. If you reside on Earth, then understand that it is not possible. But if you look at this inexplicable phenomenon from a bird’s-eye view, your eyes will open ...

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Unsolved mystery-Rebus Puma Punku

Rebus Puma Punku

Many mysteries of antiquity remain inaccessible, despite what science stepped far forward. Such mysteries include megalit in Bolivia under the name Puma Punku. Archaeologists and scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of this mysterious building, but to date they have not been able to. There have been a ...

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The largest jellyfish in the world

The largest jellyfish in the world3

Marine habitat Wednesday is completely different from ours. This world is fraught with a multitude of creatures beyond the understanding of ordinary things. Take, for example, jellyfish. This ancient kind exists on the planet more than 600 million years ago, and some copies have learned to grow to incredible proportions. ...

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Incredible about Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola had many admirers, but not everyone knows the shocking truth about this drink. It is worth to understand the amazing properties of “soda” and its effects on the body. Shocking properties In the United States some States patrol police car keeps bottles of Coca-Cola. Noted that the drink perfectly ...

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Shanghai Tower – view from the heights

Shanghai Tower - view from the heights3

This structure is one of the main attractions of Shanghai. The skyscraper is located in the heart of the city and its height at the end of the work will be 632 m. Once construction is finished, the building will become the tallest building in all of China. And height ...

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Unusual restaurant in the sky

Unusual restaurant in the sky2

In our time camping in the restaurant is normal and not worth attention. Pastime in such institution anyone now not surprise. Restaurant business is booming: cuisine for every taste, varied Interior-for celebrations, romantic or business meetings–to choose from. However, the restaurant, which will be discussed in this article can be ...

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Well Tora-gates of hell

Well Tora-gates of hell

It is really a gate to another world … Another explanation of this natural phenomenon, scientists have found. Well the Torah-the only one of its kind yet unexplored mystery man on our planet. Another similar phenomenon Well Jacob, explored in the second half of the last century. And here examine ...

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Bruno Torfs’s fantastic forest

Bruno Torfs's fantastic forest

Bruno Torfs is the most famous person in the tiny village of Marysville and its surroundings. And yet he is a well-known sculptor not only in Australia but throughout the world. As a teenager he moved with his parents from South America to Europe, where he studied and later poet. ...

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