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The Pyramid of Cheops

pyramid of cheops2

Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of the three pyramids at Giza. According to scientists, it was erected in the XXVIII century BC according to Herodotus, the construction of the pyramid was happening so: Cheops ordered to take up work around the Egyptian people. People were divided into two ...

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The underwater city near the coast of Cuba

The underwater city near the coast of Cuba1

In 1998 year, Dan Clark, American atlantolog, stated that discovered the remains of Atlantis near Cuba, other scientists only laughed. Through 3 years was collected by the Canadian expedition and sent to the western part of Cuba, in the Guanahasibibes Bay. It was then, and were confirmed by the words ...

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Petra – the lost city of Jordan


When ceased to exist the ancient Nabataeans, after myself it still left a trail, namely his capital called Peter. This ancient city built by the dynasty of Nabattinov. UNESCO has decided to make the ancient capital to the list of heritage sites around the world, as Peter is one of ...

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The Temple of Love in India

The Temple of Love in India1

How many interesting things built in the world, probably, every day you can write articles about unique architectural works of art. Today, our view was very interesting temple of love “, which is built in the Indian town of Khajuraho. The population of this town only 19000 thousand people, but ...

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Amazing city in the rock

setenil de las bodegas

We are accustomed to the usual location of the cities. However, in Spain, in the province of Cadiz, is located the city under the name Setenil′ de Las Product. Earlier in this town were the company SetenildelasBodegas, which specialized in winemaking, which was the current name of the city. In ...

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The all-seeing “Eye of the Earth”

The all-seeing Eye of the Earth

Strange “eye” on the Earth’s surface for the first time saw the astronauts in the year 1982, when looked at our planet from outer space. Prior to that, the existence of anomalies on the territory of the Sahara desert (in Moorish part of it) no one knew, because “Oko” as ...

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Incredible Plain of Jars

Incredible Plain of Jars3

The so-called plain of jars is the archaeological monument in Laos. It is an amazing spectacle. The hills here and there settled the pitchers in height from 1 to 3.5 meters, and their average diameter is 1 meter. The biggest weight jar reaches 6 tons. They appeared–scientists remains a mystery. ...

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The warmest ocean

The warmest ocean3

The surface layer of the oceans is heated by sunlight, and thickness of such layer is warmed by no more than a few meters. Below this level the water is already more cold and in the deeper layers it has a temperature not exceeding plus 2 degrees. But, despite the ...

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Port Aventura – the best thematic park in Europe

Port Aventura - the best thematic park in Europe

This place is popular entertainment theme park, located about an hour’s drive from Barcelona. Port Aventura–Spanish Park, which is the best in the whole of Europe, and the only theme park of such magnitude. The place is divided into several zones, to be exact–for six on all parts of the ...

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