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Bruno Torfs’s fantastic forest

Bruno Torfs is the most famous person in the tiny village of Marysville and its surroundings. And yet he is a well-known sculptor not only in Australia but throughout the world.
As a teenager he moved with his parents from South America to Europe, where he studied and later poet. But fate decided otherwise: he traveled and studied the culture of the countries visited and not becoming a poet. Of particular interest to Bruno always caused tales and legends, the young man they carefully recorded, and then tried to sketch the main characters. With time, Bruno was already a few notebooks with sketches.
Once, visiting Australia, Bruno decided that Sars will live here. He moved with his family to the small hamlet of Marysville, which is not far from Melbourne. This village attracted the artist not only because it is quiet and peaceful, but also very beautiful forests around.
Bruno Torfs's fantastic forest1
It is one of the surrounding village forests became “Garden Bruno” — huge brainchild of the talented sculptor. But this place is known for the whole under a different name-“enchanted forest“.
As much as 5 months, Bruno Torfs worked on the creation of the first 15 exhibits to translate its seemingly crazy ideas. It was carved out of old dead trees, as well as handmade from clay characters from various fairy tales. The distinctive feature of their steel sizes-shapes were created in human growth. But the idea of the sculptor was not to cut or slapping huge fairy tales. He wanted to post their creations in the forest so that visitors thought that the statues alive and always lived in the forest.
Bruno Torfs's fantastic forest2
The first guests unusual Garden were neighbors Bruno. They were thrilled by the emergency. Noticing this, Bruno decided not to rest on our laurels, and after more than 20 years of work by an ordinary forest turned into a fairy-tale: there is with Mowgli, Bagheera, Mermaid, Unicorn, leshy, and as the dwarves, hobbits, yoga and other characters national fairy tales of different peoples. The majority of inhabitants was founded on the spot of their stayBruno used all: Creek, waterfall, stumps, roots, dried trees, fallen branches.
For a long time by the sculptor in wood settled more than 100 residents was erected Gallery small sculptures and workshop Mister Torfs.
Bruno Torfs's fantastic forest3
In 2009 year, the fairy tale forest quraish: suffered a forest fire which destroyed not only shelter the sculptor, but other buildings (workshop, Gallery), damaged a huge number of inhabitants of the forest, about 40 of them beyond recovery.
This fire was the cause of almost depression Bruno. But after hearing about the fire in the heart of the Park, not only the inhabitants of the neighbouring Melbourne, but also quite strangers and most ordinary tourists visited Torfsu and his family to help in the reconstruction of houses and the fairytale forest. This inspired sculptor and it with renewed vigour and enthusiasm started to work.
Bruno Torfs's fantastic forest4
Today Garden Bruno reopened for visitors, Mr Torfs continues to fill its inhabitants.



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