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Book City Hay-on-Wye

This little town is situated near the River Wye. The town lies right on the border with England. Its second name-“city of books” orbook town“. Among the writers of this city is widely known as Literary Festivals are held here annually, who come to more than 80 thousands not only writers but also simple lovers of literature. If you want to visit at this event, we recommend a visit to Hay-on-Wye in late May.
Closing libraries provided a genial idea.
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In the year 1961 Richard Booth in an old, disused fire Depot opened the bukinističeskuû shop. Hiring few workers as movers, he went to America, because in those years libraries were closed en masse. Buying up huge amounts of literature, he packed his good in containers and sent the parcel in his hometown. Not much time has passed, as his idea was adopted by other entrepreneurs and increasingly open bookstores. Shelves from which you could buy any literary work, popping up at every corner. Already in 1970 the city has become known worldwide as the “city of books”. Since then, Hay-on-Wye is visited by about 500 thousand tourists every year.
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The main attraction of the library can be considered Honesty. “ But it’s not just bookstores: these are regular regiments in the walls of houses. Anyone can pick a book right on the street and pay for it by simply putting the necessary amount in the box. You should pay attention at store at Hèjskogo Temple. This fortress was built in the 12nd century, in the heart of the city. This is not quite the usual us shop: it is located right on the street, and stands and shelves with a plethora of books are placed along the walls. It is noteworthy that the basis for all trust, because no guards and vendors you will not find here.
The famous festival of literature began its existence with the 1988 year. By the way, it attracts not only writers and lovers of literature, but also many famous personalities. Bill Clinton became the guest of honor in 2001 year. He gave a new title of the Festival is Woodstock for the mind.” Now there are not only literary works, but also hosts musical concerts and films presentation.



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