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Bob Marley’s interesting life

Unfortunately his words and glory began to reach people when Bob already. His songs are very sunny and inspirational. Bob Marley legend of his time. With his death, it has been a long time, but today he is best known as a musician in the style of reggae. Robert Nesta Marley was born in Jamaica, February 6, 1945 year. The father is He not Marley lived with his family, but helped with financial problems, came to visit his son. When Marley was 10 years old, his father died. In childhood, Bob Marley had predicted fate on lines the hands, so was well known in his village. In adolescence, Bob Marley was ores-fight, has consistently emphasized the dangers of contempt, shaved on his hair and generally mowed under tough guy. In the late 50 ‘s he moved with his mother in the Kingston district Trenčtaun. He soon got in touch with Bunny (Neville Livingstone), she became close friends. Bob dropped out of school and began to work as a welder. Almost all his spare time, he worked with Bunny, they listened to the radio and were charmed by the multiplicity of songs. They were engaged in the development of their vocal abilities, attended lessons Joe Higgisa. In 1962 impressed vocals Bob Leslie Kong suggested we try to enroll him at the Studio. Thanks to this first song “Judge Not”, and other songs. And at this point, Bob Marley with a Bunny a group “The Wailing Wailers”. The Group’s first single, “Simmer Down” has sold more than 80 thousand copies and all sold. After this he held the 1 place in Jamaica two months. In 1966, the group disbanded. Moving to mom in the United States, He worked at the automobile plant, but realized that it was not his and returned home, where the group “The Wailers”. Group for a long time could not gain popularity, but in 1972 year entered into a contract with an international firm and recorded the album “Catch A Fire”. It was he who brought the popularity of the band and the song “I Shot The Sheriff” became an international hit. Over time, the Group knew many countries, they learned. Bob Marley was assassinated in 1976, the year he was injured. But not yet delivered on all concerts with the words: “in a world of too much evil and I don’t have the right to spend at least one day wasted.” In 1966 year Bob met with Rita Anderson, and they married on February 10. But for life in the family was not always good. Bob on top of a lot of time was at work, and rarely met with Rita. After the fame came to him, he toured and family time paid even less, the wife was alone at home with their children and sometimes without money. Bob Marley was a very trusting man, he believed people, and people enjoyed it and benefited with all means available, not giving money to him for work. According to relatives, Bob was so open and trusting that not even closed the car door, when he was leaving. Bob Marley and Rita had 4 children, two girls and two boys.
Bob Marley's interesting life
Interesting is the fact that it was Bob a bit much children born out of wedlock, and no one knows how many there were. And today there are people talking that they are his children. While the list from the official site States that he had 11 children. The first was the daughter of Rita-Sharon from a previous relationship, but he raised it as their home. Apart from its 4 biological children and Sharon lived with Bob Marley’s son Robbie. About his mother, almost nothing is known about it. The sixth child is Rohan Marley. His mother Janet Hunt was Bob’s girlfriend. Seventh child-Karen Marley. Her mom Janet Bowen gave birth to her in the year 1973. The eighth was Stephanie Marley. Today she lives in the Bahamas and oversees the construction of family resort “Marley Resort & Spa. The ninth child, Julian Marley. His mother, Lucy Pounder gave birth to him in London. Engaged in music. 10th baby-Kajmani Marley. His mother famous table tennis champion Anita Belnejvis. Eleventh child-Damian Marley. Think its tracks many of us have heard, it is popular today. He was the youngest son of Bob. His mother, Cindy Brèjkspir (Miss World 1976). Today he performs periodically with his brothers Stephen and Julian. In other versions it is still not the whole list of children of Bob Marley. Marley died of cancer. In 1977 year in July, he found a malignant melanoma on the big toe. He was offered an operation-amputate finger, but he refused, explaining that his religion would not accept this. He had a very intensive treatment, but it did not help and May 11, 1981, he died in the hospital. The last words that Marley told his son: “money can’t buy Life”. On the BBC version of Bob Marley’s song “One Love”-penalty. In 2001 year in February Bob Marley received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and was awarded a Grammy Award.



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