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Asphalt lake-Pitch Lake

To the question what is asphalt and what it is intended to answer every one. But not everyone knows what asphalt used before, when he appeared, and whether it was possible to meet him in its natural form in nature?!
From the Greek word “asphalt” is translated asreliable“,solid“,strong“. More than 5 million years ago in ancient Babylon began to produce asphalt. Since the beginning of this material used to seal the walls of various buildings and only then began to be used in construction and road building. Still on the territory of Babylon there are deposits of asphalt. It is at refineries producing asphalt, because it is part of the crude oil.
Asphalt lake Pitch Lake
In the Caribbean, on the island of Trinidad is the village of La Brea. Here you can see the rare phenomenon-Lake of pure liquid asphalt. It’s called a peach. This Lake is not the only thing similar lakes exist as well in Venezuela and California, but Peach Lake the biggest among them. The whole surface of the water covered the asphalt of high quality, the Lake covers an area of 71 hectares, an average depth of about 30 meters, and the maximum is 76 metres. Peach Lake was formed when the Caribbean continental plate collided with another surface. This happened thousands of years ago. Oil level as a result of the collision, which was deep in underground deposits, began to rise until it reached the surface, and the oil was collected in a volcanic crater. Light items that were in the oil evaporated, and as a result was only heavier asphalt.
Asphalt lake Pitch Lake1
This Lake was discovered by some Uoltèrom Railay in 1595 year. Over three hundred years of mining in the region held the first position. More than 10 million tons of asphalt was mined since. This material is produced to this day, and comes in 50 countries around the world. If you throw a fleeting glance at this Lake, it seems absolutely motionless. However, if you look closely, it becomes clear that natural circulation. Asphalt, it is from this Lake, paved the way to Buckingham Palace. To date, of which shot very actively mined natural material. Under forecasts of experts, from this Lake at least another 400 years we can safely extract this irreplaceable resource.



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