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Angels Singing Caught On Tape – Part 2

As a follow up to the first video this presentation brings 3 more instances of what appear to be Angels singing alongside Earthly worshipers.

As stated in the video I cannot say how authentic the clips are only to say that to me, there’s appears to be something supernatural about them.

My only interest is in bringing my God Glory, Honor and Praise, so be Blessed as you listen and remember please don’t worship or put Angles on a pedestal. They are our friends and co-laborers but must not be worshiped as God.

I hope you can and will enjoy this presentation and enter into the presence of the Lord as you listen and give Him all the honour and praise HE so rightfully deserves.

Thank you and please share as you feel led.

And on an end note, if you feel led to pray for revival in Norway amongst the Governmental leadership, the towns, cities and the people that would be wonderful.



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