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Andorra – one of the smallest countries on earth

Andorra is one of the smallest States in the world, its area is only about 470 square kilometres and the population is not more than 80 thousand people. Despite its small size, Andorra boasts of its capital is Andorra La Vella. It is read by the Highland Capital in Europe and it is situated at a height of 1029 metres above sea level.
This State was recognized as one of the most secure, therefore, on its territory there are no prisons. Lawyers are also prohibited by law established back in 1864 year. At that time, apparently, the legal profession is not very respected because people all lawyers called black.
In antiquity the inhabitants of Andorra were engaged in farming, today the main occupation of the banking and tourism. In these two cases, the Andorrans are experts, because their standard of living is one of the highest in European countries. Own money this country has never been and is not up to date, and to calculate people use euros. True, especially for collectors and tourists released an Andorran Diner, consisting of 100 centimes, and has the appearance of gold, silver and metal coins. Still, due to the small territory, the State does not charge a fee for postal services.

Andorra - one of the smallest countries on earth2

Despite the fact that Andorra does not need prisons, police, she still has. The cops just partially performed and duties of the military, there is no regular army. And for her safety meet the neighbor countries-Spain and France, and if we remember recent history, they do so quite effectively. For example, in 1934 year immigrant from Russia named Boris Skosyrev Narek himself Boris the first, King of Andorra. Very quickly from Spain arrived a few gendarmes who easily arrested the false ruler and threw in a Spanish jail. This ended the reign of Andorra’s first and only King. However, apparently of Russian origin impostor people of Andorra and has not been able to forget. Perhaps, in his honor, they opened the Museum of Russian nesting dolls in one of their towns. The museum boasts 300 species nesting dolls and movies on the topic of toys out of wood.
Every year the country enters about 11 million tourists that 140 times greater than its population. The rest here is very slow paced life. Just the fact that during the first world war Andorra declared war on Germany and soon simply forgot about it. The Government States once again remembered about the war only in the year 1957 and officially terminated the State of war, however, neither one resident and haven’t felt the deprivations and hardships of war.
Andorra does not have its own railway station and the airport, which is in no way impedes its residents quietly travel, both within the country and travel to far distances. If they want to take advantage of this mode of transport, like a train or plane, they just visit one of the neighbouring countries. And here’s football locals are very passionate about, even created even its football team, consisting of people far from sports. In 1996 year hosted the first match between the national teams of Estonia and Andorra, while Andorra lost 1:6 is still not bad when you consider that the team play, the Director of a construction company, an employee of the Housing Office, insurer and bank clerk.



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