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Amazing Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country in which each tourist can gain unusual skills. For example, here you can become a hop elephants or masseur. Everyone who was lucky enough to visit Thailand, must draw attention to the favorite activities of the inhabitants of this country.
The elephant is one of the symbols of Thailand. Learn these huge animals recommended in Baan Chang Elephant Park, the so-called elephants Park.
Here, anyone can take a course training Asian elephants. The course lasts 3 days. During this time the listener learns about the lifestyles of the animals, as well as learn how to properly give them commands. On practical training, students will be able to feed the animals and hanging out with them in the Park.
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Traveling through the cities of Thailand, it is impossible not to draw attention to the huge number of altars and shrines. In the South there are several monasteries, where each visitor can meditate. Officers teach everyone to exercise on the concentration and relaxation, as well as explain the basics of Buddhist teachings.
On the vast territory of monasteries can be long, but walk the walk, the use of mobile phones and other means of communication is prohibited here.
Muay Thai
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Thai Boxing is one of the most effective in the world of martial arts. Muay Thai also helps to become slimmer and more endurable.
Trainings are organized at the major beach resorts of Thailand. But if a person wishes to seriously engage in Thai Boxing, it is recommended to go to Bangkok, the capital, you can find the specialized martial art training centers.
Learn Thai massage can be in school The Massage School.
It is located in the northern part of the country, in the city of Chiang Mai. Lectures and practical classes are conducted in English. In addition, students ask homework.
Culinary courses
Thai cuisine has many fans around the world. To learn how to expertly Cook national dishes, you should pay attention to the Thai Farming School. Culinary College is located in the North of Thailand. Training lasts 3 days. “Studentswaiting for quite a busy program, because the need for such a short period of time to get a huge knowledge.
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Students travel to local food markets, as well as studying particular combinations of different foods that are in demand in Thailand. In Thai cooking are taught School Farming Tom yum, Red Curry, pad Tai and other national dishes.



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