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Amazing city in the rock

We are accustomed to the usual location of the cities. However, in Spain, in the province of Cadiz, is located the city under the name Setenil′ de Las Product. Earlier in this town were the company SetenildelasBodegas, which specialized in winemaking, which was the current name of the city. In this place you can see amazing houses, painted in snow white color. But neither is the most remarkable. Interesting and unusual that this city is located inside the rocks. Buildings and homes are placed directly in the artificially extended the rocks and the outer walls of enlarged manually. Washed by the River town called Río Trejo.
Amazing city in the rock
In the old days this place was fortified Moorish city. Under his supervision was the road to the river Río Trejo. In territory of modern city preserved to our time Castle, which was built in the 12 century, even during the reign of the Almohads. The name of the city originated around 15 century. At this time, almond and olive groves Christian settlers have added large vineyards. To date, Setenil′ de Las Product still flourishing groves of olives and almonds, and here the vines are gone. They were insects in 1860-ies.



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