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A unique phenomenon – a pink lake

We are all accustomed to glassclean water in mountain rivers, yellowish water in lakes and rivers, the azureseas and oceans. And can you imagine a vacation on a pink Lake? Think it will be just a fantasy? No, in our world there are such amazing Lakes.
Unique pink LakeLake Retba in Senegal. Once it was a part of the ocean, but now is a tourist centre and a source of salt. The colour of the water is simply amazing: hot pink! And it’s not a chemical run-off businesses, and does not artificially dyed water is the result of Habitat in the waters of Retby cyanobacteria. In addition to these microorganisms, no one inhabits these waters. Still, such a concentration of salts (380 g/l) corrodes the skin to the bone! But that doesn’t stop visitors from daily workers for 910 hours in the water. Since the lake bottom produce salt by hand, working natiraûtsâ special oil and immersed in water on the shoulders.

A unique phenomenon - a pink lake3

Razryhlââ salt on the bottom with a stick, its special foil and put in the Recycle Bin. In one boat can fit about 500 kg of wet salt. During the day about 34 Walker” for salt. Wet the same scatter salt directly on the shore, dried and sorted out. From prolonged exposure to sunlight naturally salt bleached. This product in Senegal decided to sell and buy in bulk.


And here in Australia not pink Lake, and as many as four: Hilier (Middle Island), Hutt Lagoon (Western Australia), Rose Lake (GoldfieldsEsperance) and Kvajrading (near the town of Kvajrading).
The first interesting that changes its color, depending on the time of year: in winter water is gentle-pink, while in summer it becomes saturated coral, sometimes even Claret.

A unique phenomenon - a pink lake

Laguna also has a pink color due to the fact that the high concentration of algae such as Dunaliella brine. In addition, it is here (as in nearby small artificially created ponds) is the world’s largest economy on breeding the Dunaliella solonovodnoj.
Pink Lake is remarkable by the fact that its color has an obligation not only to the above mentioned algae, but also a huge number of shrimp.
And most surprising of Australian LakesKvajrading. Pass over it bridge, and from time to time both halves of the water color changes-one become light pink and rich Burgundy. Scientists and now cannot explain the reasons for such changes.


The Masazir Lake in Azerbaijan also rose. But not because it live algae, but due to the large amount of water in chemical elements such as chlorides and sulphates. With the year 2010 on the shores of Lake operates a plant that produces two kinds of salt.

A unique phenomenon - a pink lake1

Well, the most surprising may be considered the Dusty Lake in Canada. Firstly, all the previously described pondssalted, and Dusty Lake-No. Secondly, all of the above described Lake, mainly populated by bacteria or algae, and the reason for the pink color of the Canadian lakes is a large concentration of unique stone dust (glaciers), due to the location of the reservoir. And yet, in the Dusty Lake the same pink river



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