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A land without a people – what is it?

Many wonder about what awaits the Earth after humanity’s extinction. Documentary makers have already simulated a situation and produced interesting conclusions.
Man its vital activity is hurting the earth disappear, many animal species, ecosystem collapses, rapidly declining stocks of drinking water and stuff. If all humans will become extinct, the planet will change every day. But how?
The first months of metamorphosis
American documentary makers are confident that Land in the next few weeks after the extinction of humanity become crazy House”. Immediately stop work power plants, which at night on the planet will be unrelieved darkness and cold. It will not affect the behavior of livestock living on farms.
Animals immediately go in search of food and water. Now on the planet is inhabited by about a billion pigs, 1.5 billion cattle cattle and 20 billion chickens. Many pets will not sustain the new living conditions and will die. Surviving the lucky odičaût.
Disappearance of persons means the total cessation of the accumulation of garbage and other waste, without which they will not be able to survive with rats and cockroaches.

A land without a people - what is it1

In the first weeks of the air cleaner will be void, but the carbon dioxide accumulated in the atmosphere, so nowhere and disappears. However, within a few dozen centuries its level to normal.
A few days after the extinction of mankind, the Earth will cover fires. For example, in the construction of lightning can cause fading of an entire village or town. The surviving wooden houses will gradually s″edat′sâ termites.
All steel objects (cars, wagons, bridges) covered with rust, because from now on, no one to care for them. Infrastructure will also be destroyed with time-roads would be flooded, and the tunnels collapse.
The first decade
Over 50 years after the disappearance of the last person most buildings will be destroyed by the winds, flood or storm.
The remaining houses, roads, railway track and sidewalks zarastut vines. During the same time period, total forest area of the planet is equal to 80%. After two centuries, the whole earth turn into solid wood.
Documentary makers predict that the Earth after the disappearances will again be inhabited by species that are harassed by mankind.
What will remain forever
Disappearance does not mean complete neutralization of waste their life, for example, plastic and rubber waste. All this will not be processed by microorganisms, and will retain their original appearance and properties. Only some hundreds of millions of years the waste skopâtsâ at the bottom of ponds or introduced into the layers of rocks.
Approximately 100 thousand years will disappear from Earth all traces of humanity.



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