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10 interesting medical facts

1. In the year 1980 was defined by the highest body temperature. In Atlanta, Washington, resident Willie Jones clinic admission body temperature stood at 46.5 degrees! But, fortunately, everything worked out, and after 24 days, he was discharged.
2. February 23, 1994 year doctors are faced with yet another anomaly: 2-year-old resident of Canada Carly Kozolofski body temperature was a record low. It was only 14.2 degrees. In fact, the door of the House where lived this child accidentally closed, and he as much as 2:00 held onto 22degrees cold.
3. Here’s another shocking fact: from the stomach 42-year-old woman seized 2533 extraneous subject. English pin alone was found 947 pieces. However, this woman had complaints not only particularly strong pain in the abdominal area.
4. The great weight of the subject, extracted from the human stomach, totaled 2.35 kilograms. It was com hair. Actually there is a disease in which a person eats the hair, and it’s called trichophagia.
5. a resident of Zimbabwe took the largest number of medicines. He used the pill for 21 565 939 year treatment.
10 interesting medical facts1
6. Samuel Davidson, a resident of the uk, made the largest number of JABs. This man for the rest of their lives took 78 900 insulin injections.
7. but who don’t actually envied, so this is a United States resident, Charles Jensenu. From 1954 to 1994 year he underwent 970 operations, during which he removed tumors.
8. The longest operation lasted 96 hours. It was surgery to remove ovarian cysts. A woman’s weight before was 280 kilograms, but after she became weighing 140 kg.
9. Jan Revsdal, a Norwegian endured the most prolonged cardiac arrest. In December, on a fishing trip he fell overboard, and his body temperature dropped to 24 degrees, the heart could not stand, and stopped by as much as 4:00. However, after connecting it to the circulatory apparatus he went on the mend.
10. drag racer David Purley survived the most difficult in the world. In 1977, during the racing accident. The total length of route 66 cm racer drove at speeds from 0 to 176 km/h he discovered 29 various fractures and dislocation 3. And his heart was not stopped and has withstood 6 times.



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