11 Most Amazing Future Vehicles YOU SHOULD SEE


11- Segway New Honda Segway Concept U3-X 10- Volkswagen’s The People’s Car Project 9- Toyota FV2 concept 8- Dubais First Driverless Car Experience 7- Project Skyback 6- BPG Werks DTV Shredder 5- General Motors EN-V Concept 4- Mercedes VARIO Alkoven 1200 3- Scorpion RT Custom Three-Wheeler 2- M400X Skycar 1- ...

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The Crocodile Queen: BEAST BUDDIES


A REPTILE obsessed mum is proving that crocodiles are a woman’s best friend. Savannah Boan works at Gatorland in Florida, home to approximately 2500 alligators and crocodiles of all shapes and sizes. She has only worked at the park for seven months, but it has been a lifelong dream to ...

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Miracles From the Mother of God?


The Virgin Mary is a miracle! and yes she’s real I was in a difficult position and I started praying to the virgin mary and to god and I’m healed already, you just never know until you start praying and see how your life changes and you become happier I ...

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Tomb of Mary in Jerusalem Video


In today Video I am taking you to visit the Tomb of Mary in Jerusalem which is located at the slop of the Mount of Olives and it is within the Church of the Assumption Jerusalem. In Christian belief, death is our punishment for the original sin. Regarding Mary, the ...

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A family home in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta received unusual attention by Christian visitors when an apparition of Jesus Christ was said to have recently appeared on its walls. Hundreds of people queued daily to glimpse the wall where the image is said to have appeared. Indonesia is the ...

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Angels Singing Caught On Tape – Part 2


As a follow up to the first video this presentation brings 3 more instances of what appear to be Angels singing alongside Earthly worshipers. As stated in the video I cannot say how authentic the clips are only to say that to me, there’s appears to be something supernatural about ...

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